Existing and Proposed Bylaw Changes For This Year

Attached you will find a pdf with the current bylaws, and below you will see the recently approved new amendment. Thank you for your time and consideration, let us know if you have questions!

Bylaws—> Current CPCA Bylaws

New Amendment:

I propose allowing for retirees to maintain individual member status(active) to include board positions for the good of the organization. This would include a waiver of association dues for all retired members who remain active. Active status would include acting as a certifying official and as instructor at seminars or sanctioned events. This will also include acting as a board member, or any other special committee.

To accommodate this a by-law will be proposed for a vote. This proposal will be emailed to all current members and an attached vote to be returned by email . The requested vote shall be returned within one week of being sent out to be counted.

A majority vote of all returned ballots will be required for approval of this by-law change following the required notification by the Secretary.

Existing and Proposed Bylaw Changes For This Year