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The Colorado Police K-9 Association is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization formed in 2004 primarily to establish minimum standards and provide certification for deployment of police service dogs in the state of Colorado. The certifications were designed to be realistic and to set a minimum level of acceptable performance for K-9 teams in the state. Our standards have been approved by the state Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs associations, as well as the Colorado Board of Peace Officers Standards and Training. To date we have provided hundreds of certifications for K-9 teams in the state and have continued to grow as an organization. There is no charge for certification other than the annual membership fee.

We hope to help provide health care for retired police service dogs through our fundraising efforts. Once the dogs are retired, they become the sole responsibility of the handler at a time when they are most likely to need care and deserve the very best we can provide.

oldo.2007-2011The Colorado Police K-9 Association is striving to create an environment for training and certification for all K-9 teams in the state that will produce the most reliable, professional K-9 teams in the nation.

All donations received will be used to further the goals of the Colorado Police Canine Association E.I.D # 56-2388549 . If you wish to donate, CLICK HERE to make an online donation or send checks payable to:

Colorado Police Canine Association
P.O. Box 6068
Broomfield, CO 80021


You’re invited to the  K911 Primacy Course

Emergency Medical Care for Working K9’s

Whether injured in an auto accident, stabbed or shot by a perpetrator, or facing post-blast injuries from an IED, the needs are the same. Handlers must be able to aggressively provide critical medical care to a K9 partner while avoiding the risk of additional injury to either handler or K9.

Learn How to address:

K9 Blunt Trauma
K9 Gunshots, Stab, Impalement & Shrapnel wounds
K9 HazMat/ WMD Exposure & Decon
Wounded Handler/ Wounded K9
K9 Blast Injuries
K9 Heat Injuries
Choking K9

To Find Out More Information About K911 Courses Check Out Our Webpage 
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August 15, 2016  1300-1700 aka 1-5pm
Hosting Location: Federal Reserve Bank
1020 16th Street Denver CO 80202
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gofundmeAdopt a K9 (care for retired K9s)

K9 officers usually retire due to physical complications resulting from their activities while on duty.  The injuries often result in long-term issues such as back injuries, nerve damage or other physical aliments requiring on-going vet care.  Because of the bond of love between officers and their K9 partners, the officers cover the financial costs of long-term care out of their own pockets (these costs are not covered by police departments once an animal retires).

This care is often a financial strain for officers and their families. Money raised through this fund will be used to offset these healthcare costs. We want to take care of our K9 officers and thank them for their service to the our state.

download If you’d like to help take care of these K9 officer please visit gofundme to make your contribution.




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