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Colorado Cannabis Canines

Welcome to the Colorado Police Canine Association.

The Colorado Cannabis K-9 Association was formed primarily to establish minimum standards and provide certification for the deployment of service dogs in Colorado. These certifications were created to be realistic and to set a minimum level of competent performance for K-9 teams in the state. Our standards have been approved by the required state associations, as well as the Colorado Board. Thus far, we have provided hundreds of certifications for these teams in the state and have continued to grow immensely.

We hope to help provide health care for retired police service dogs through our fundraising efforts. Once the dogs are retired, they become the sole responsibility of the handler at a time when they are most likely to need care and deserve the very best we can provide.

This Colorado Cannabis K-9 Association is striving to create an environment for training and certification for all K-9 teams in the state that will produce the most reliable, professional K-9 teams in the nation.…